Taxi Amsterdam Services provides various services. In and around Amsterdam we can be found daily on the road so that travelers can get from the station to their homes in time, we can take you to the airport, transport you to the office and much more. Below is a short list of our services:


  • Taxis in and around Amsterdam
  • Group transportation
  • Schiphol Airport service
  • Business services

Above we have listed the services that we always offer. Do you have a special request or you have questions about our services? Then you can contact us via our contact form or by calling 06-29233837
If you wish to book a taxi in Amsterdam which is not too expensive? Taxi Amsterdam Services will take you everywhere around Amsterdam at an good rate. Whether you’re at an airport, a hospital, a railway station or a anywhere else in or around Amsterdam; We can transport you everywhere. Our drivers are very experienced and qualified and take you to any destination you want. Safety, service, quality and comfort are sacred with us. And of course we are always punctual. You book a taxi and we ensure that within 10 minutes a taxi will be at the door.

When you are satisfied, Taxi Amsterdam Services is also satisfied!



We find it important that you are traveling in a clean, comfortable cab. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can count on our service. Do not hesitate to ask us for a suitable solution, if you have a special wish transport. Together with you we look at the possibilities. Our services we vote as closely as possible to your specific transport applications.

We are available 24 hours a day for inquiries and reservations. You can call us. Taxi Services in Amsterdam traveling, means everywhere and may always be. Whether you’re poor infirm, young or old, traveling alone or with someone else. We transport you would like a taxi in and around Amsterdam. The rates of Amsterdam Taxi Services are always very sharp. And if you take a taxi for more than 20 km you will get a 15% discount.


Airport service

Do you want to go to Schiphol or another airport? Then you can take a taxi with us, because we offer the best value for money! If you take a taxi for more than 20 km you will get a 15% discount.
How pleasant and easy is it to go to on holiday carefree. It starts with the departure from home. By using the airport transportation to Schiphol and other airports, you do not have to worry about a parking space and the fact that your car will be in a deserted parking lot for weeks. Leaving stressfree for your trip, is the best way to start your holiday.


Group transport

If you are with more than 4 people and you want to go as a group somewhere? Taxi Amsterdam Services can be of service for you too. For information and prices you should contact us via or via phone on 06-29233837.


Business transport

In addition to the private sector, Taxi Amsterdam Services focuses on business services too. Are you as a businessman or woman often on the road and want to appear punctually for your appointment? Consider a comfortable ride with Taxi Amsterdam Services. We also offer transportation to all airports in the Netherlands and abroad. And iIf you take a taxi for more than 20 km you will get a 15% discount. When you take a plane on a regular basis, this is a great convenience. You can be assured that you will be transported quickly and safely and arrive on time for your appointment.